Customer notice: Permissioning for three NYMEX futures prices to switch to COMEX

Fastmarkets will move the permissioning of three futures contracts from NYMEX to COMEX as of January 16, 2023 to reflect changes at the exchange level.

From this date, the following instruments, which had historically been available through NYMEX, will be available via COMEX only within Fastmarkets products:
· US Midwest Busheling Ferrous Scrap
· Hot Rolled Coil Steel
· Iron Ore 62% Fe CFR China
This will affect users of the Fastmarkets Dashboard, MyDesk and XML feeds. For more details about the change and the reasons for it, please visit this CME Group link.
If you are a user of the Fastmarkets Dashboard, the instrument syntax for the three futures instruments will change in the desktop. For example, XN-BUS-FR1M will change to XC-BUS-FR1M. Please make the change to the affected instruments in your workspaces.
If you are using MyDesk or MyDesk XML Feeds, you do not need to make any changes.
For any questions or if you would like to amend your permissions to ensure you have live access to COMEX, please speak directly to your Fastmarkets Account Manager.

Fastmarkets staff


Fastmarkets staff

December 14, 2022

13:00 GMT