Amendment to symbols for Fastmarkets’ black mass prices: pricing notice

Fastmarkets has amended the pricing symbols for two of its black mass prices.

The changes are only to the symbols of the two following prices:
Black mass, NCM/NCA, payable indicator, nickel, cif South Korea, % payable LME nickel cash official price - symbol has changed from MB-BM-0010 to MB-BMS-0001
Black mass, NCM/NCA, payable indicator, cobalt, cif South Korea, % payable Fastmarkets’ standard-grade cobalt price (low-end) – symbol has changed from MB-BM-0011 to MB-BMS-0002
These amendments better align the symbols to our naming conventions. No changes have been made to the underlying instrument or any price values.
To provide feedback on this pricing notice, please contact us by email at Please add the subject heading “Re: amendment to black mass pricing symbols.”
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Fastmarkets staff


Fastmarkets staff

June 29, 2023

09:29 GMT