The Global Steelmaking Production, Capacity and Capex: A Five Year Strategic Outlook


Providing the most comprehensive plant-by-plant database of steelmaking capacities by product, and production, out to 2020.

•  Prices         •  5-year price forecasts  
•  Capacity and capacity forecasts      •  Crude steel production forecasts
•  Capacity utilisation rates     •  By-company analysis        
•  By-country analysis  •  Product analysis

Key questions answered by this service:

>     What exactly is the state of excess over-capacity in the steel industry and how will this evolve out to 2020?

>    What are our forecasts for crude steel production out to 2020 by each country?

>    What is Chinese capacity by plant and what are the key additions/deletions occurring inside the country?

>    Who is cutting steel product capacity and who is expanding capacity, and where?

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