A Strategic Market Outlook for the Middle East Steel Industry out to 2020


Middle East Steel Industry out to 2021: Strategic Market Outlook

A comprehensive service specialising in the in-depth analysis, statistics and long term forecasts for the middle east steel industry.

•     Prices        •     5-year price forecasts  
•     Capacity & capacity forecasts     •          Trade forecasts
•     Production & consumption forecasts    •     By-company analysis        
•     By-country analysis •        Product analysis

Key questions answered by this service:

>     What impact have Chinese steel exports had in Middle East markets and what is that likely to be out to 2021?

>      Will anticipated MENA steel demand growth meet expectations amid the current oil price?

>     What are regional steelmaker operating costs and what cost challenges will there be out to 2020?

> What is the transaction price outlook by steel and raw material product out to 2021?

> Should the GCC markets develop effective strategies against cheap imports? If so, how?

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What our customers say

"The most comprehensive research done to date about the Middle East steel and steel raw materials markets."
Marketing Director, Ezz Steel

"This report is by far the most thorough independent analysis currently available anywhere on the Middle East steel industry. An invaluable source for company strategy and marketing functions."
Sr. Manager - Corporate, Al-lttefaq Steel Products Company

"This report is by far the most thorough independent analysis currently available anywhere."
Vice President, Essar Steel

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