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Through our team of expert analysts and consultants we deliver data and insight that helps you meet your strategic goals.

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•       We are independent - giving you an expert view you can trust.       
•       Our forecasts are accurate - we regularly check and our key benchmarks are over 95% accurate.
•       Get the next level of insight - understand price trends, anticipate future movements and use data you can trust to make your next strategic decisions.

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Base Metals


Aluminium, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, & tin


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Carbon Steel


Steels flats & longs, tube & pipe, galvanized steel


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Steelmaking Raw Materials


Iron ore, steel scrap, metallics & coking coal


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Ores & Alloys


Ferro-manganese, ferro-silicon,
silico-manganese, silicon metal,
nickel, ferro-chrome, vanadium, molybdenum


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Stainless & Special Steels


Stainless steel flat and longs


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