Ores and Alloys Price Guide

Fastmarkets MB has produced independent assessments of non-ferrous metal prices, steel prices and scrap prices for many decades since it was established in 1913. These non-ferrous and ferrous metal prices and scrap prices are used widely. Producers, consumers and trading companies take our  prices as the basis to settle contracts with their counter-parties. Companies and banks employ them to value inventories or ores, and to evaluate projects and opportunities. Governments consider them when they calculate royalties and tariffs.

For more information on our pricing methodologies, please visit our pricing methodology page.

Non-Ferrous Scrap Europe

Aluminium European free market MB assessment €/tonne
Floated Frag
Mixed turnings 6%

Germany per 1000kg
Pure cuttings
Commercial cast
H9 extrusions
Alloy turnings

France per 1000kg
Pure cuttings
Old rolled
Commercial cast

Italy per 1000kg
Pure cuttings
Old mixed scrap
Commercial cast


Germany per 1000kg
Copper wire (berry)
Heavy copper
Heavy brass
Brass turnings (MS 58)
Brass sheet (MS 63)

France per 1000kg
Electro cuttings
No 1 bright wire
Mixed (96%)
Brass plate cuttings 70/30
Brass turnings
Mixed brass

Italy per 1000kg
Electrolytic dd EN 12861-S-Cu-2
Enamelled wire EN 12861-S-Cu-3
New from tubes, strips etc EN 12861-S-Cu-4
Old from tubes, strips etc 12861-S-Cu-7
EN12861-S-Cu-Zn-1-A-Cu 63.5%
Mixed from valves/taps EN 12861-S-Cu-Zn-6
Several 95% m/m 12861-S-Cu-Zn-7

UK non-ferrous scrap

Aluminium £ per tonne
Group 1 pure 99% & Litho
Commercial pure cuttings
Clean HE9 extrusions
Loose Old Rolled cuttings
Baled old rolled
Commercial cast
Cast wheels
Commercial turnings
Group 7 turnings
UK non-ferrous scrap MB LME Discounts

Titanium $/Ib cif
Turnings, unprocessed type 90/6/4 (O.5% Sn max)
Turnings, unprocessed 90/6/4 (over 0.5% max 25 Sn)

Non-ferrous foundry ingots

Aluminium UK £/tonne MB free market
LM24 pressure diecasting ingot
LM6/LM25 Gravity diecasting ingot

Aluminum Europe MB free market
Duty paid delivered works pressure diecasting ingot price (DIN226/A380)

Aluminum US $/Ib delivered Midwest
A380.1 alloy

AFFIMET â‚€/tonne
AS9 U3
AS5 U3

VDM €/1000 kg
DIN 226
DIN 231
DIN 311

Aluminium Bronze £/tonne
AB1 ex-works
AB2 ex-works

Brass UK £/tonne
SCB3 ex-works
High Tensile HTB1 ex-works

Gunmetal UK £/tonne
LG2 85/5/5/5 ex-works
LG4 87/7/3 ex-works
G1 1.15 PB ex-works

Phosphor Bronze UK £/tonne
PB1 ex-works

Phosphor Copper £/tonne
10% P ex-works
15% P ex-works

Zinc Alloys £/tonne
Brock Metal ZL3
Brock Metal ZL5

Ferrous Scrap

UK ferrous scrap £/tonne

Cut Grades
OA plate and structural
1&2 Old steel
12A/C/D New production heavy and shovellable steel
Bales and Cuttings
4A New steel bales
4C New steel bales
8A New loose light cuttings
8B New loose light cuttings

7B Heavy steel turnings

Cast Iron9A/10 Heavy and light cast iron
9B/C Cylinder block scrap
11A Cast iron borings

UK intermechant weekly price £/tonne 5C Loose old light

UK ferrous scrap export MB assessment $ fob main UK port
HMS 1&2 (80:20 mix)

Indian Imports MB assessment $/tonne cfr Nhava Sheva
MB Index CFR India Shredded
HMS 1&2 (80:20)

Alloy Steel scrap domestic UK merchants' stainless £/tonne
18/8 turnings
18/8 solids
12-13% Cr solids
16-17% Cr solids

Cif Europe stainless € per tonne
18/8 solids
18/8 turnings

Cif Europe stainless $/tonne
18/8 solids
18/8 turnings

Rotterdam export MB assessment $/tonnne fob Rotterdam
MB Index FOB Rotterdam HMS 1&2 (80:20)
HMS 1&2 (70:30 mix)

Turkish import MB assessment $/tonne cfr main Turkish ports
MB Index CFR Turkey HMS 1&2 (80:20)
HMS 1&2 (70:30 mix)

USA export AMM ferrous scrap export index $/tonne
AMM Ferrous Scrap Export HMS 1&2 (80:20) East Coast (fob New York)
AMM Ferrous Scrap Export shredded East Coast (fob New York)

USA domestic Midwest Index $/gross ton monthly assessment
No1 heavy melting scrap
No1 busheling

China Domestic yuan/tonne delivered mill
Heavy Scrap

Germany domestic €/tonne delivered at scrapyard, Source: BDSV
No E2/8 (new steel scrap)
No E1 (old steel scrap)
No E3 (old thick steel scrap)
No E40 (shredded steel scrap)
No E5 (steel turnings)

SteelBenchmarker scrap prices prices in $/metric tonne, gross ton
Shredded scrap
No 1 heavy melting scrap
No 1 busheling scrap

Scrap substitutes
EU imports €/tonne cfr Western Europe
Pig Iron

South American exports $/tonne
Hot briquetted iron Venezuela
Pig iron basic steelmaking fob Vitorio/Rio
Pig iron basic steelmaking fob Ponta da Maderia

US Imports $/tonne cfr Gulf of Mexico
Pig Iron

CIS Exports $/tonne fob main port
Pig iron Baltic Sea
Pig iron Black Sea

China Domestic yuan/tonne delivered warehouse
Pig iron

China Iron ore cfr main China port $ per dry metric tonne
Iron ore index (62% daily) $ per tonne
Iron ore pellet index cfr Qingdao (65% fe)

Noble Alloys & Ores

Lithium Ores
Petalite 4.2% Li2o bagged fob Durban $/tonne
Spodumene 7.25% Lio2 cif Europe $/tonne

Molybdenum Molybdic Oxide
Europe drummed molybic oxide $/Ib Mo
US canned molybdic oxide $/Ib Mo

basis 65-70% Mo $/kg Mo
US free market 65-70% Mo $/Ib in warehouse Pittsburgh
MB Chinese free market concentrate 45% in warehouse China RMB/mtu

European free market APT $/mtu
Export from mainland China APT Chinese No1 S/mtu fob main Chinese ports
MB Chinese free market concentrate 65% Wo3 in warehouse China RMB/tonne

basis 75% W min $/kg W in warehouse Rotterdam duty unpaid

Ferro-vanadium basis 70-80% $/kg V
US free market ferro-vanadium $/Ib in warehouse Pittsburgh
Vandium pentoxide cif Europe min 98% $ per Ib V205

Foundry grade bulk $/tonne fob Australia
Premium bulk $/tonne fob Australia

Bulk Alloys Ferro-Chrome $/Ib Cr
China import charge chrome 50% Cr index, CIF Shanghai, duty unpaid
Lumpy Cr charge basis 52% Cr (and high carbon) quarterly
6-8% C basis 60% Cr max 1.5% Si
European low carbon 0.10% C average 60-70% Cr quarterly
0.10% C average 60-70% Cr
European low carbon in warehouse 0.06% C max - 65% Cr
Low phosphorous Cr min 65% C max 7% Si max 1% p MAX 0.15% Ti max 0.05%
US free market in warehouse Pittsburgh 6-8% C basis 60-65% Cr max 2% Si
US free market low carbon duty paid fob Pittsuburg
0.05%C - 65% min Cr
0.10% C - 62% min Cr
0.15% C - 60% min Cr
Spot 6-8% C basis 50% Cr delivered duty paid China RMB/tonne
Contract 6-8% C basis 50% Cr delivered duty paid China RMB/tonne

Chrome Ore $/tonnne
Chrome ore cif main Chinese ports
South African UG2 chrome ore concs, basis 42%
Turkish lumpy 40-42% cfr main Chinese ports

basis 78% Mn (Scale pro rata) standard 7.5% C €/tonne
US free market 78% Mn standard 7.5% C $/long ton in warehouse Pittsburgh
US free market medium carbon duty paid fob Pittsburgh
80% min Mn 1.5% max C $/Ib
MB Chinese free market min 65% Mn max 7.0% C in warehouse China RMB/tonne

Manganese Ore
44% Mn, Cif Tianjin $/dmtu of metal contained
38% Mn, Fob Port Elizabeth $/dmtu of metal contained
Nickel Ore
1.8% basis cif China 15-20% Fe Water content: 30-35% Si:Mg ratio<2 Lot size 50,000 tonnes $ per tonne

Lumpy basis 75% Si (Scale pro rata) €/tonne
US free market $/Ib in warehouse Pittsburgh lumpy basis 75% Si - imported
Export from Mainland China min 75% fob main Chinese ports
MB Chinese free market min 75% in warehouse China RMB/tonne

Lumpy basis 65-75% Mn basis 14-25% Si (Scale pro rata) €/tonne
US free market $/Ib in warehouse pittsburgh
MB Chinese free market min 65% Mn max 17% Si in warehouse China RMB/tonne

Titanium ores $/tonne Rutile conc min 95% Tio2 bagged fob Aus

Zinc Alloys £/tonne
Brock Metal ZL3
Brock Metal ZL5

China Iron ore cfr main China port $ per dry metric tonne
Iron ore index (62% daily) $ per tonne
Iron ore pellet index cfr Qingdao (65% fe)

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