January 2015

PRICING NOTICE: Metal Bulletin launches silico-manganese fob India assessment

Metal Bulletin has launched a silico-manganese price assessment, fob India.

Indian silico-manganese exports under threat from EU anti-dumping probe

The European Union’s anti-dumping investigation into silico-manganese could force Indian producers to turn away from the export market, as they would be unable to compete in Europe if high duties were imposed.

BRAZIL EXPORTS DECEMBER 2014: Ferro-alloys and silicon metal shipments down on annual basis

Brazilian ferro-alloys shipments shrank 25.1% in December 2014 on an annual basis, mainly on lower volumes of ferro-silicon, ferro-silico-manganese and ferro-niobium.

[UPDATE] PRICING NOTICE: Technical error in Price Book resolved

[UPDATE] Due to a technical error, some of Metal Bulletin's prices for December 24, December 26 and December 30 had been duplicated in Price Book. This issue has now been resolved.

BRAZIL EXPORTS DECEMBER 2014: Manganese ore sales more than triple; nickel down again

Brazil’s manganese ore exports more than tripled in December 2014 year-on-year, but its nickel shipments continued to fall.

EUROPEAN MORNING BRIEF: Key updates on January 6

Good morning from Metal Bulletin’s Asian offices. Here is a summary of news to start your day…

EU launches anti-dumping probe into Indian silico-manganese imports

The European Union has launched an anti-dumping investigation into silico-manganese produced in India, according to HM Revenue & Customs.