Stainless and special steel price guide

Fastmarkets MB has produced independent assessments of non-ferrous metal prices, steel prices and scrap prices for many decades since it was established in 1913. These non-ferrous and ferrous metal prices and scrap prices are used widely. Producers, consumers and trading companies take our prices as the basis to settle contracts with their counter-parties. Companies and banks employ them to value inventories or ores, and to evaluate projects and opportunities. Governments consider them when they calculate royalties and tariffs.

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SteelBenchmarker Prices $/metric tonne, short ton and € per tonne

Stainless Steel Asia Import $ per tonne cif East Asia port
Grade 304 2mm CR coil 2B
Grade 304 HR sheet

Stainless Steel China Domestic yuan/tonne in warehouse
Grade 304 2mm CR coil
Grade 430 2mm CR coil

Stainless Steel - EU export € per tonne fob N. European port min 100 tonne lot
Grade 304 2mm CR sheet

Stainless Steel - EU Domestic €/tonne

2mm 304 cold rolled stainless sheet
base price
Alloy surcharge

304 stainless steel bright bar €/tonne
base price
Alloy surcharge

Ferrous Scrap

Alloy Steel scrap domestic UK merchants' stainless £/tonne
18/8 turnings
18/8 solids
12-13% Cr solids
16-17% Cr solids

Cif Europe stainless € per tonne
18/8 solids
18/8 turnings

Cif Europe stainless $/tonne
18/8 solids
18/8 turnings

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